Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance

Transform your outdoor space with comprehensive yard maintenance services from WeWork LandWorx. Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing the health and beauty of your yard year-round, ensuring it remains a vibrant sanctuary for your enjoyment.


Fertilizer Treatment:

Promote healthy growth and lush greenery with our tailored fertilizer applications.

Weed Control Treatment:

Keep your yard free of unwanted weeds with effective weed control solutions.

Flower Bed Maintenance:

Maintain the beauty of your flower beds with regular care and seasonal planting.


Tree & Shrub Trimming:

Enhance the appearance and health of your landscape with professional trimming services.

Plant & Tree Installation:

Add new plants and trees to your landscape to enhance its beauty and functionality. We sell plants and trees too! Please contact us if interested


Seasonal Cleanup:

We offer fall leaf cleanups and spring cleanups, where we clear leaves and debris while refreshing your landscape to prepare your yard for future seasons.

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